Gold has been a symbol of culture, tradition, and fortune in our country for many years, it is specially used at weddings and festivals.

Gold in itself has been a valuable asset since its inception.  you have gold,  you can always use it in times of crisis.

Perhaps this is one of the reasons, the demand for gold in India is 25% of the demand for gold globally.  Maybe that's why we Indians give more priority to gold than any other financial instruments

So today we will know through these slides why gold is a better investment and 1such reasons why you should invest in it.

Gold is a tangible asset, meaning it can be touched and seen, making it the safest investment as compared to other financial instruments.

Gold is a tangible Assets

Gold is a highly liquid asset, that is, it can be easily converted into cash when it is needed in times of crisis.

Gold is highly liquid

When inflation rises, the purchasing power of money is low, investing in gold can give you gains in the long run.  By investing in this, you can reduce the loss due to inflation.

It act as a Inflation Hedge Instrument

Gold provides diversification to your portfolio, if you have instruments in your portfolio that can be affected by macro or microeconomics.  In such a situation, you can diversify your portfolio by investing in gold.


Gold carries a mortgage value, which means it comes under the category of a secured loan.  In case of any financial crisis, a loan can also be taken by keeping it as a mortgage.

It carries Mortgage value

This is a straightforward investment option, for which you do not need any special skills, like other financial instruments (stocks, bonds, mutual funds), you just have to buy it and store it.

Gold requires no specialized knowledge